Monday, July 28, 2014

New York Baby Photography

This sweet little girl gave us a run for our money... you sometimes have to be ready to shoot pretty quickly upon arrival...! We started off calm and collected right at the beginning, followed by a loooong intermission of cries. But wrapped up with a finale of sweet sleeping and even some smiles...those moments make you forget there was ever even one little cry in the first place! There is nothing sweeter!

Congratulations Felicia + Chris.
Thanks for inviting me to photograph life at 2 months!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ballerinas in New York!

Ahhhh! How stunning are these girls?!

So, Saturday evening I was in Central Park scouting locations for a family shoot that was to happen the next morning...when I saw 3 of these girls snapping photos of each other doing dance poses with their iphones. I had the inner i talk to them, do i not...yes even after shooting all these years, that pause, that question, still exists!
But I did, and we took a few fun iphone shots, and Sophia who is a spunky little businesswoman for being in high school, said can we do a shoot....tomorrow?! Great! Same place same time, but this time with 5 of us?! I was like...ummmm, YES!

These girls are here from Miami studying ballet in New York for the summer...and what a treat this was. They were troopers...rolling around on rocks, wooden planks, having frequent mice visitors (it's New York after all!), tourists looking on...what a day.

Dance on're fabulous.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Camping in Sonoma, Happy Birthday Ilyse!

One of my oldest and dearest friends in the universe had a camping weekend for her birthday/July4th in Northern CA. I hadn't been out there in ages, nor had I been camping in ages, plus the fact that I love her thiiiis much, I thought I'd pack my bags, and shed my city living for a few days. Afterall, i did used to live in Colorado back in the day. That was my other life and it's kind of exciting to dig that old self out of the hemp closet, sit around the campfire, sing some Cat Stevens, and sleep under the stars again...

I only knew a handful of her friends before going, and I kind of love that. I love the before unknown and after glee. Ilyse is a creative soul, a dreamer, a feeler, a lover, and a laugher. So I knew it could only be a collection of pretty swell folks to join her on the trip. And that it was.

Happy Birthday dahling...i'll make s'mores with you until we're 102.


Love, me