Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Yale Club Wedding, NYC. Congrats to Karen & Jon!

Let me just tell you this little story in case you missed it earlier...

These guys, who so beautifully tied the knot at The Yale Club on Labor Day, have an amazing magnetic field around them. Believe what you want about fate and powers beyond us ...but there is no denying that this is just plain hairs-on-end magical...

Karen and Jon met online like the modern couple they are. Unfortunately Jon had already lost his father. But as Karen and Jon get to know each other, they realize their fathers both went to Yale. They realize both of their fathers were in the Glee Club. They realize they are talking about at Yale in the Glee Club in the same year! And THEN someone digs up a photo of the Yale Freshmen Glee Club from 1964.... and

Karen's dad IS STANDING NEXT TO Jon's dad.

Pause to take that in.

This spread such a blanket of warmth over the entire wedding, and I can only imagine the kind of warmth it covers them with every day.

And with a history of Glee Club, we had a night of music! A full choral performance during the ceremony, and a stellar reception performance by Jon and his brother that brought the house down, including someone doing the worm on the dancefloor, which is always a good sign.

Thank you Karen and Jon for inviting us to photograph your beautiful day.


The Team:
Photography: Jami + Danny for Jami Saunders Photography
Videography -- Belinda Video Productions

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A little sibling on the way!

So excited for these guys, who I met when this Big-Sis-to-be was just 6 months old.
I just love our visits and celebration of life's big and little milestones.

And pretty cool that Grandpa made it to the shoot, when his flight back to Moscow was leaving later that same day! Thanks for making our photo shoot part of your last day of your trip!

Can't wait to meet the new little...less than a month away!



Saturday, August 16, 2014

A photo shoot on your trip to NYC? Heck yeah!

Had so much fun with these guys!
2 doctors from Germany (yup!) on a work/pleasure trip to NYC...why not schedule some time to hang out together in the summer rays and have someone (me!) record it all?!
It's no secret that we have had a ridiculously lovely summer here in NYC, but every day it is still fascinating. Every sunset feels new, and every picture is it's own story.

Thank you guys for spending your evening with me!
Next time over a "stein" in Germany!